Godin points with her blind person cane at The Unisphere, Queens Museum, New York

Writer – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry – Published in Print and Online

I’m a proud member of the Newtown Literary staff, reviewing fiction submissions and helping out with various events for this nonprofit literary magazine based in Queens, NY.

In my Quail Bell Magazine column Distill My Heart, I write about all things alcoholic, aromatic and more. Some examples include: The Thistles and Fairies of the Botanist Gin, Dying into Being: Goethe and the Corpse Flower, Smelling Old Books While Reading EBooks, and a recent collaboration with Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD: Milkweed in Three Acts.

I also write for New York Film Academy. Some recent articles include 9 Tips for Writing a Film Review, Celebrating Female Film Producers, and How to Produce a Super Soundtrack for Your Low-Budget Film. Read more about my NYFA adventures HERE.


**Selected Publications**


Vision of Loveliness: What It Takes to Have Real Style (nonfiction) Oprah Magazine, 2017.

Two Color Poems by a Once-Sighted (poetry), The Unprecedented Review, 2016.

Likenesses (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2016.

The Alchemy of Poetry (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Greek Easter 1981 (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Making a Murderer: Women and the Time It Takes (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Never Be Sorry (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

A Paris Wasting (fiction), Newtown Literary, 2015.

The Lost Myth of Tiresias’s Womanhood (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

A Pain Named Dog (poetry), Eunoia Review (reprint from Kitchen Poet), 2015.

WE ARE LEO (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Sewing Blind (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Buffoon of Saint-Ovide (fiction), Dance Macabre Online, 2015.

To Stravinsky (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Nothing Can Hurt Me Now (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Awl (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2015.

The Spectator & the Blind Man: Seeing & Not-Seeing in the Wake of Empiricism (dissertation), NYU, 2009.

The Tortoisebyrd (poetry), Anamesa Journal, 2008.

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