Godin points with her blind person cane at The Unisphere, Queens Museum, New York

Writer – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry – Published in Print and Online

I’m thrilled to begin writing a column for Catapult about the strange life of being a writer who is blind! Look for A Blind Writer’s Notebook in late January…

I’ve begun a new magazine dedicated to the Arts & Sciences of Smell! Check it out: Aromatica Poetica.

In my Quail Bell Magazine column Distill My Heart, I write about all things alcoholic, aromatic and more. Some examples include: The Thistles and Fairies of the Botanist Gin, Dying into Being: Goethe and the Corpse Flower, Smelling Old Books While Reading EBooks, and a recent collaboration with Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmayer MD: Milkweed in Three Acts.

I’m a proud member of the Newtown Literary staff, reviewing fiction submissions and helping out with various events for this nonprofit literary magazine based in Queens, NY.

I also write for New York Film Academy. Some recent articles include “Celebrating People With Disabilities in Film and Television,” “9 Tips for Writing a Film Review,” “4 Screenwriting Tips to Help You Eliminate Sexism in Movies,”and “How to Produce a Super Soundtrack for Your Low-Budget Film.” Read more about my NYFA adventures HERE.

**Selected Publications**

Vision of Loveliness: What It Takes to Have Real Style (nonfiction) Oprah Magazine, 2017.

Two Color Poems by a Once-Sighted (poetry), The Unprecedented Review, 2016.

Likenesses (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2016.

The Alchemy of Poetry (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Greek Easter 1981 (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Making a Murderer: Women and the Time It Takes (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Never Be Sorry (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

A Paris Wasting (fiction), Newtown Literary, 2015.

The Lost Myth of Tiresias’s Womanhood (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

A Pain Named Dog (poetry), Eunoia Review (reprint from Kitchen Poet), 2015.

WE ARE LEO (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Sewing Blind (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Buffoon of Saint-Ovide (fiction), Dance Macabre Online, 2015.

To Stravinsky (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Nothing Can Hurt Me Now (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Awl (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2015.

The Spectator & the Blind Man: Seeing & Not-Seeing in the Wake of Empiricism (dissertation), NYU, 2009.

The Tortoisebyrd (poetry), Anamesa Journal, 2008.

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