Star of Happiness promotional shot: Godin in white, sleeves hanging down. The End looms large in projection.

Blind Artist: Bio

Leona Godin is a blind writer, actor, and artist. After living in Astoria for nearly seventeen years, she created Distillation Installation as a farewell to her home and hoarding.

She wrote and produced two plays: The Spectator & the Blind Man, about the very sexy history of the invention of braille, and The Star of Happiness, about Helen Keller’s time on Vaudeville.

Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Oprah Magazine, Newtown Literary, FLAPPERHOUSE, and Eunoia Review. She is a regular contributor to Quail Bell Magazine, where she writes a column about all things aromatic and alcoholic called Distill My Heart. You can check out a complete list of publishing credits HERE.

Godin creates lush soundscapes for her writing as well as short films, for example A Pain Named Dog (Poem) and We Are Vagina (short film), .

And yes, Godin is the real blind voice and face behind the Non-24 Vanda TV commercial! You can read her actor resume HERE.

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