Flaptastically proud to announce that my flash story “The Awl” has been published in the Summer 2015 issue of the cool cat zine FLAPPERHOUSE! Print and PDF copies can be purchased for a song. Thusly will you obtain my groovy little megalomaniacal braille story, but wait there’s more!: you will simultaneously be supporting a hip young independent lit journal with a distinct editorial voice…

You can purchase $6 print copies through CreateSpace or Amazon
And $3 pdf copies through FLAPPERHOUSE

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Boys…

Especially when that girl is me!
Last month I was asked by the wonderful David Harrell at Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts to be in his short film that was to be submitted to the 2015 48 Hour Disability Film Challenge.
The genre for all participants was romantic comedy, so with several more guys than girls on our team and more than one disability, “The Kerfuffle” turned out to be a rather strange incarnation of the genre!

Watch me be a romantic lead in our wacky 5 minute short film…

And you can read an article, which includes an interview with me, about “The Kerfuffle” and the disability Film Challenge HERE!

I am nearly finished with my novel about Tiresias and have written a pitch…

Metamorphoses of Tiresias is the story of a young man who crosses gods and sexes to become one of the great prophets of the ancient world.
The Heroic Age also teems with whores and mercenaries, witches and priests, shepherds and kings. Insatiable men and inscrutable gods rule over walled cities and steep mountains. Set in Ancient Greece and marked by stunning reversals of fortune, the journey of Tiresias reveals by degrees the mysteries of selfhood. Part fantasy, part philosophy, this sweet and twisted bildungsroman plunges into the terrors and beauties of seeing and not-seeing.

Intrigued? You can read an excerpt HERE!